Seat Risers For Chairs Australia
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Seat Risers For Chairs Australia

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Seat Risers For Chairs Australia

Grey plastic riser blocks that can be placed under bed or chair legs to increase the height of the transfer surface. An indentation in the top of the raiser secures .
Raisers are placed on the floor under the legs of beds or lounge chairs to raise their height. Bed / Chair Raiser – Blocks – Wooden 75mm (Pkt 4) BEA009700.
The Blox Chair Raiser is a quality hardwood raiser used to increase the height of a chair. Ideal for persons who have difficulty standing up from a chair and .
Plastic Blocks to raise the bed or chair to save carers backs.
Raise your desk and furniture quickly, cheaply and easily with Raise Its. A great way to improve your ergonomic position; creating a comfortable, productive work .
Shipping Australia Wide. Transtage's seating riser is the most convenient and secure way for the set-up of temporary. As all risers utilise the All-Terrain Series platform the risers can easily be reconfigured. Folding Chairs; Portable Risers.
Rising aids for seniors or the elderly for easier seating and rising from a chair, bed or couch.
Furniture Risers – Aid for raising bed, chair etc: FURNITURE RAISERS Set of 4 These furniture raisers are ideal for those who find their chairs or beds a little too .
Multifit Standard Chair Raiser for square lounge chairs chairs. Durable, stable and safe. Easy to adjust, fit and clean. Stylish wooden and steel finish.

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