Transmission Temp Gauge Kit Installation
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Transmission Temp Gauge Kit Installation

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Transmission Temp Gauge Kit Installation

Your new B&M transmission oil temperature gauge will accurately monitor. Install an eyelet terminal supplied with the kit on the end of the wire and crimp it .
Installing a transmission temperature gauge is the best way to prevent overheating as it allows you to track the transmission's temperature to ensure it is working at peak efficiency. The ideal fluid temperature is between 175° to 225° F, where temperatures above this can start to lead to damage.
Most transmission temp gauge kits will come with everything you'll need to install it correctly, including the sending unit, mounting hardware, terminals, and .
I'm thinking about adding a transmission temp gauge this weekend. The problem is I can't figure out where to put the sender. I've got a '95 .
I purchase a transmission filter kit stock number 13091. A question on the meter D13009B. On the back of the meter there is a +, I am sure this is 12v in and a .
Buy B&M 80212 Transmission Temperature Gauge Kit: Gauge Sets. Kit also includes all wires, terminals, ending unit and T-fittings for an easy installation .

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