What Is A Peer Sip Trunk
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What Is A Peer Sip Trunk

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What Is A Peer Sip Trunk

SIP trunks are a VoIP service that can be provided from an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) to extend telephony features beyond IPPBX local area.. UCM6xxx series support up to 50 SIP trunks. This guide describes needed configuration to set up register trunk (with provider) and peer trunk (between two UCM6xxx).
peer: A SIP entity to which Asterisk sends calls (a SIP provider for example).. user: A SIP entity which places calls through Asterisk (A phone which can place calls only). Users authenticate to reach services with their context. friend: An entity which is both a user and a peer.
This FAQ is to be used for setting up a Peer SIP Trunk with your PBX, for info on how to set this up with a Registered SIP Trunk, click here. Before you start, make .
Here's an example of a simple PBX to PBX connection that will be using a User/Peer pairing to form a SIP trunk. The two PBXs are name 106 and 111 after their .
How to configure SIP Trunking for Asterisk IP PBX based systems. FQDN HERE> defaultuser[siptrunk-username] secret[siptrunk-password] typepeer .

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