What Is A Sip Trunk Cisco
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What Is A Sip Trunk Cisco

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What Is A Sip Trunk Cisco

Overview. This article provides information on configuring a SIP trunk from Cisco Unified Communications Manager to an IP-IP Gateway or Cisco Unified Border Element. In this configuration example, San Jose (SJC) site is part of a very large campus which has a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster over an IP WAN.
If you use a SIP trunk, the actual voice conversations still use G729 or G711 (or some other protocol) for the actual RTP. So there's no tangible effect on the .
Feature Information for SIP Trunk Registration, page 7. Finding Feature Information. Your software release may not support all the features documented in this .
System Configuration Guide for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 11.0(1) -Configure SIP Trunks.
The text in this white paper is based on an extract from Chapter 11 of the 2010 Cisco Press book “SIP. Trunking” (ISBN: 1-58705-944-4). For more .
Flowroute delivers Cisco SIP trunking services to save time and money using efficient bandwidth, reducing expenses & simplifying management of your network.
. do the following: 1. Register Cisco user agent with the SIPTRUNK.com trunking.. 1) You must modify the INVITE message to re-write the SIP header to use .

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