Who Ice Cream Invented
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Who Ice Cream Invented

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Who Ice Cream Invented

Ice cream is a frozen desert that managed not only to cool us over the last two and half thousand years, but it also pushed innovators to create new technologies, .
History of the ice cream spans the period of last two and a half thousand years, during which they managed to push the boundaries of technological knowledge, .
Some sources say the ancient Romans invented ice cream, others that Marco Polo brought the discovery back to Italy from China. All agree that Catherine de Medici introduced the French to ice cream when she married the future King Henri II.
What was the first ice cream flavour? Who invented the ice cream cone? Let's answer these and other questions by revisiting the facts and history of this .
The history of ice cream is a messy one. Many nations claim to have invented it, just as various individuals take credit for it. Even if its origin remains murkey, .

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